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Physiotherapy is a health care profession utilising evidence based therapies such as exercise, manual therapy, electrotherapy, specialised equipment and education to help relieve pain, improve…

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Clinical Pilates is a form of non-impact exercise to enable patients to improve core strength and stability, body alignment and awareness, reduce pain, prevent injury and improve flexibility…

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Dry Needling

Dry needling is a treatment technique which involves the insertion of fine needles into tight areas of muscles known as trigger points with the goal of reducing both acute and chronic muscle…

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Booked in for surgery? Having an arthroscope, joint replacement or reconstruction? First Choice Health can help you with your rehabilitation by providing treatment, designing appropriate exercise programs…

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Sports Physio

Our physiotherapists are available to provide screening for sports related deficiencies that could result in injury interrupted seasons. The screening process uses sport specific tests performed by…

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